31 Aug

Because No One Asked

Aww.  What a cute little acronym!  So tiny and innocent.  What are you doing in my chocolate, little PGPR?  You wern’t there a few years ago.  Let’s find out what you are.

PGPR is known in the candy industry as polyglycerol polyricinoleate.

Wow.  Cool!  Wonder why they put you in my Hershey’s chocolate bar.  Could it be because it makes the chocolate better?

Of course not.  PGRP is used to replace the expensive cocoa butter that is normally found in chocolate.

Well, is it better for you?

Of course not.

What you need to know:

The 1996 study conducted by Andrew Waterhouse of UC Davis which discovered the phenols (potent antioxidants) in chocolate also revealed that these antioxidants come from cocoa butter and the stearic acid it produces. It demonstrated that the phenols prevented LDL cholesterol from building up in arteries. Another study had subjects follow diets in which the…

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